Nickel Foot Callous File (Round Top )




It's State-of-the-art nickel abrasive surface safely an gently smoothes away hard, rough skin and calluses for an unsurpassable smooth pedicure. While other abrasive is hard to remove calluses on your feet and can also be painful, Nickel Foot Callous Remover File is simply and safely removes calluses with the revolutionary design of the Micro-Flat grit
* For dry, cracked skin in the heels and toes.
* Remove corns & calluses safely
* Convenient and time-saving
* Filling on dry skin allows you to conveniently remove calluses and not healthy skin
* Safe for the most sensitive skin * Nickel foot file will not peel off or rust
* After use, wipe it clean or wash with soap
* Sanitizable Nickel Foot Callous File is a medium grade file for the average callused feet. Excellent choice for in-between pedicure sections!

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