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IND Design Nail System Match 3 in 1 - Gel +Lacquer+dipping powder 


Step 1. Apply IND Dip liquid BASE GEL bottle (#2) to the entire nail surface. Apply using a back-to-forward motion to ensure the nail is evenly covered.

Step 2. Dip the nail in IND Crystal Clear (base dip powder) and gently tap away any excess powder that remains on the nail.Tip: As needed you can use a brush to remove any excess powders.

Step 3. Apply IND BASE GEL (#2) to the entire nail surface.  Use a back-to-forward motion to ensure the nail is evenly coated.

Step 4. Straighten the customer’s finger and place it down slightly (1/3) into the French dipping Mold filled with French powder.  Quickly and gently tap away any excess powder. Tip: Steadily control and push the Mold towards the customer’s finger to create the desired smile line. Do not let the customer control this movement.

Step 5. After step 4, quickly dip the entire nail into the Pink dip powder.  Gently tap the finger to remove excess powder.

Step 6. Apply a second coat of IND Dip Liquid  BASE GEL bottle (#2). Repeat steps 4 & 5 to all 10 nails.

Step 7. Generously apply IND ACTIVATOR LIQUID bottle (#3) and allow to air dry for approximately 30 seconds.


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