Glam & Glits Glow Acrylic - GL2045 Scattered Embers

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Glow Acrylic - GL2045 Scattered Embers

This red glitter looks like embers as they escape the flame and enter the night sky, once out of the light they glow with a hot brown-red shade. 

Product Type: GLITTER 

Introducing 48 new glow-in-the-dark acrylic powders from Glam and Glits Nail Design. It’s almost as if stars fell from the sky and landed upon your fingertips. You can easily light up the night with this new Glow Acrylic Collection. Activated by UV, LED, and sunlight, this unique glow formula charges during the day and looks like a normal acrylic manicure. Once the sun sets, watch as your nails begin to glow! Glam and Glits Glow Acrylic is ready for application right out of the bottle. Don’t miss out on this luminescent trend.

Size:  1oz
Made in the USA

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