Cosmo 3in1 Dipping Powder + Gel Polish + Nail Lacquer - 078

CosmoSKU: 3 In 1 - 078


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This combo set includes Dipping Powder + Gel Polish + Nail Lacquer

COSMO Powder - Beautiful, natural look, healthy for your clients, safe for your environment. -Odorless -Gentle for your nail bed -Light Weight -Flexible -Natural Environmentally Friendly -Durable Glossy Finish -Healthy for your natural nails by adding Calcium and Vitamin E.

Cosmo 3 in1 Acrylic & Dipping powder.

  • First, apply base coat to nail bed to give the dipping powder a strong foundation.
  • Then, apply dipping powder using a manicure brush or by dipping fingers directly into the powder.
  • Then, use top coat to give the color dipping powder and beautiful and shiny finish.
  • Last, apply activator to cure dipping powder and top coat.


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