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buyers must read:
wall wallpaper price: $ / square meter. no rolls.
1 S quare meter = 1 pcs. 2 S quare meter = 2 pcs. 3 S quare meter = 3 pcs ...
width x Height = m = decrease
Note: please be careful 1M2 order. because a very small size
6 Material: Flash silver cloth (standard material) / HD non-woven paper / Leather pattern / non-woven paper / turf texture / 3d relief
Effect characteristics: three-dimensional sense of strong. Shiny surface. silky surface. High Quality.
Material Features: easy to clean antistatic, good air permeability .. waterproof. Anti-moisture. anti-fungal
Take Obviously:
It is a kind of custom mural wallpaper. we must produce according to your accurate size (width and height). You must know well all the details before purchasing the products. that you could get what you want.
please refer the order to the following calculation method: for example your wall height is 2.5 meters, the width 3 meters. add extra 0.05 m on both of height and width when you calculate. area: (2.5 0.05) m * (3 0.05) m = 7.77 Square meters. You must purchase 8 square meters, when you make the order.
Write down your favorite material and the accurate wall size below the order or leave me the message in time. After we got your confirmed size and material, we will arrange production and delivery as soon as possible
. If you have not provided us your detail custom size and material below the order within 24 hours, we would produce the Random standard material "Flash silver cloth" and the following standard size.
Website price is only for 1 square meter. any size of mural wallpaper is for the whole pattern. Custom wallpapers are made of many pieces. it is not a whole wallpaper. It will be cut into many pieces in order that it could suit for international shipping. consider well before purchasing, thanks!
There is no glue or paste powder on the back of Wallpaper, it is not self-adhesive wallpaper. requested the glue or paste powder ahead of posting the wallpaper.
16 standard size available:
1 square meter = 140 cm (W) x 70 cm (H) (4'2 "x 2'3") ft
2 square meters = 200 cm (W) x 100 cm (H) (6'5 "x 3'2") ft
3 square meters = 208 cm (W) x 146 cm (H) (6'8 "x 4'8") ft
4 square meters = 250 cm (W) x 160 cm (H) (8'2 "x 5'3") ft
5 square meters = 280 cm (W) x 180 cm (H) (9'2 "x 5'11") ft
6 square meters = 300 cm (W) x 200 cm (H) (9'10 "x 6'7") ft
7 square meters = 330 cm (W) x 210 cm (H) (10'10 "x 6'11") ft
8 square meters = 360 cm (W) x 230 cm (H) (11'10 "x 7'6") ft
9 square meters = 380 cm (W) x 240 cm (H) (12'5 "x 7'10") ft
10 square meters = 400 cm (W) x 250 cm (H) (13'1 "x 8'2") ft
11 square meters = 420 cm (W) x 260 cm (H) (13'9 '' x 8'6 '') ft
12 square meters = 440 cm (W) x 270 cm (H) (14'5 "x 8'10") ft
13 square meters = 460 cm (W) x 280 cm (H) (15'1 "x 9'2") ft
14 square meters = 480 cm (W) x 290 cm (H) (15'9 '' x 9'6 '') ft
15 square meters = 500 cm (W) x 300 cm (H) (16'5 '' x 9'10 '') ft
16 square meters = 500 cm (W) x 320 cm (H) (16'5 "x 10'6") ft
If you have 9 square meters mural wallpaper, choose "quantity 9" here. Meanwhile, mark your detail wall width & height below the order.



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materiaal: Zijde doek
over verpakking
foto illustreren & #65306;
  1. bereiden de nodige tools: Lijm, Borstel, Roller, Schraper, Heerser, Mes, handdoek/Spons
  2. schoon de muur en ervoor uw muur schoon en platte. en borstel de lijm op de muur eerste.
  3. controleer de grootte van behang en match de patroon.
  4. volgens de breedte van elke panel van behang, mark de verticale lijnen op de muur.
  5. borstel de lijm op de achterkant van elke panel van behang en mark de bestelling op de ze.
  6. plak het op de muur en een mes uitsnede overtollige deel en een handdoek te schoon up de lijm overloop.
  7. wanneer plakken de tweede panel, voorzichtig om match de patroon van behang. en op de midden van overlappende deel, gebruik een liniaal en mes om overtollige deel en schil ze off.
  8. een mes uitsnede overtollige deel rond de socket.
  9. gebruik een schraper om de behang platte. vervolgens een handdoek of spons om de lijm overloop. (sluit de deuren en venster om droog natuurlijk.)


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