Japanese Water Soluble Silk Collagen Ball Shrinks Pores Fades and Tightens Anti Wrinkle Collagen Ball|Serum

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Japanese Water-Soluble Silk Collagen Ball Shrinks Pores Fades and Tightens Anti-Wrinkle Collagen Ball

Use activating active ingredients with pure lotion or toner How to use: Open the lid of the collagen thread ball ampoule and pour pure lotion or toner into it, pour about two-thirds of the ampoule's capacity, and then the small ball inside will begin to dissolve immediately, and then plug in the dripper. Yes, a bottle is used up within 2 days, the active ingredient can only last for 2 days Collagen silk ball: 5(g/ml) Weight of collagen silk ball: about 0.2g-0.3g Solve 9 major skin problems Improve acne marks, dullness, enlarged pores, red blood streaks, rough, repair damaged skin, wrinkles, looseness [Product Efficacy]: Natural silk protein is used as the material to moisturize and moisturize the skin, making it soft, smooth and firm. With natural spun silk powder, it feels soft and tight to the skin after being dissolved in water, and can be easily peeled off without harming the skin. [Product ingredients]: Hydrolyzed silk collagen, ascorbic acid, tocopherol (vitamin E), sodium alginate, hyaluronic acid.

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