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Color: Straight pipe
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High quality quartz glass lamp tube





Principle of ultraviolet radiation





Suitable for using in family environment.






lamp tube color and brightness is very good.






Energy saving effect is obvious, its average lamp life is up to 8000 hours.






In the starting and working processes, it will not strobe so that there is no harm to our eyes.






Stage lighting, it can turn any room, office or other venue into a fun unforgettable party place.






Widely used in agriculture for traps insects to feed the fishes and the birds, or kill the injurious insects in the forest and the farm, and you also can use it to detect money, distinguish true-false, and stage lighting, etc.




Material: Quartz Glass

Color: Black

Recommended Time: 30mins (appr.)

Power: 15W、20W

Voltage: 220V 50Hz

Lamp Holder: E27

Package included:

1 x Ultraviolet Lamp (not included base)


Package Included:

1x Light

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