Makartt Acrylic Nail Brush for Acrylic Powder Manicure Pedicure Acrylic Nails Art Brush with Liquid Glitter Hand 12# 8#|Nail Brushes


Color: Size 12
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SPECIAL GLITTER DECORATION: The smooth handles are full of liquid and shiny colorful glitters in. It will be flowing when you use it. Life with beautiful and charming nails with Makartt nail brush. FIRM COMBINATION: Pen's body is made of acrylic and heads are made of premium nylon hair, with proper flexibility, brushes come with metal stamping, which locks the pen body and pen tip firmly, making it well strong and long-term use. COMFORTABLE EXPERIENCE: This acrylic nail brush is lightweight with an exquisite package. The nail polish brush is comfortable and easy to hold and paint, making your nails more beautiful and attractive. DELICATE & FASHIONABLE: Exquisite gift for your female friends, sisters, and family members, they could enjoy the fun of making nail art for each other. NOTE: Moulting or shedding hairs from a new brush is a normal process. Once the brush is broken in and following a few application sessions the molting will stop.

Premium brush hair, comes with advanced nylon hair, without cruelty animal hair,

Acrylic Nail Brush Premium brush hair, comes with advanced nylon hair, without cruelty animal hair, non-deformation, non-corroding and durable. Delicate and elegant design, clear acrylic tube, fashionable design, easy to hold and paint.

1. Can it be used for acrylic nails, acrylic powder or poly gel kit in nail extension?

Yes, it is great for them.

2. Is it kolinsky sable brush?

No, kolinsky sable brush comes from the animal. All of our items are animal cruelty-free. These bristles are excellent synthetic fiber.

3. Is something flowing inside the handle?

Yes. the glitter and sparkles in the brush. Not only is the application amazing, but the brush is so fun and enjoyable to look at and play with.

4. How to clean the brush?

Processing session with brush cleaner/pen washing water. DO NOT USE ACETONE which will remove the shine from bristle make acrylic tacky and buildup residue.

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