1Pcs Avocado Elastic Moisturizing Face Serum hydrating Brightening Shrinking Pore Refreshing Essence|Serum

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Moisturizing andrepairing,provide water to help improve dry skin,

making your skin smooth and delicate,physical and mental support to your body, releasing your female charm.

Product name: Face Serum
NET WT: 30ml
Size: Full Size
Quantity: 1pcs


Use Method:

After cleaning your face and hands, drop a few drips of serum on your hand, and then apply it evenly on your face from the face center to the two sides. Gently pat the face until the serum is completely absorted.

Suggestion: please try to use this product on the ear back skin. If there is any abnormal reaction or discomfort, please stop using.

Please put this product under dry and cool place.


1 pcs Face Serum



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